EVE ONLINE NULL SEC CORP Operation Grayskull

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Join us:

OPGSK is a small family friendly and tightly knit community. The strong social aspect of our Corp is one of our biggest strengths.

We are part of Fraternity, a big Sov-holding Alliance based in and around Detorid. We are the second largest industrial region in 0.0 right after Delve.

Protecting our space and all the opportunities is a very high priority for us. Therefore active participation in Alliance/Coalition fleets is a requirement.

If you lack PVP experience or are even "afraid" of PVP in general we're happy to teach you how to succeed as long as you show a willingness to learn!

At the moment most of our members are active during EU hours.

- - -

We offer:

- Nice, fun, drama free but personal atmosphere!
- RL first attitude!
- Mining opportunities (Rorqual mining, Moon mining, etc.)
- Very good ratting space for everyone from VNI- to Super Carrier pilots
- Almost 24/7 PVP opportunities
- Good logistics
- Great Null Markets
- Cap, Super Cap and Titan building
- Super Umbrella
- Very competent Home Defense!
- Fun Corp Events!

We are looking for:

- Nice, relaxed, helpful and mature players
- Decent English!
- Being able to use Mumble and Discord
- 5mil SP minimum
- Minimum of 1 Alliance/Coalition Fleet per month per character (not player)!

- - -

We require a full ESI (formerly API) check!